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Read about Breakthrough Scholars, Teaching Fellows, supporters, operations and more in this year’s Impact Report.


It is with deep gratitude and joy that I share this report on the 2021-22 program year at Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia (BTGP). In the pages that follow, we hope you’ll get a sense for how we live our mission to achieve equity and diversity in education, and the impact the organization has made in the lives of our extraordinary students, families, teaching fellows, and friends.


As you know from recent research studies and media coverage, we face a unique time in education, from shortages in our teacher workforce to the need for increased diversity amongst our educators in Philadelphia.  And due to the pandemic, we are also seeing student learning losses not experienced in decades. These are certainly unprecedented times, where pathways to a quality education have been challenged and where Breakthrough has sharpened and strengthened its efforts to serve the needs of motivated, underserved youth in Philadelphia and build the next generation of teachers.


From the stories and data in this year’s report, I hope you’ll find, as I do, positive momentum at Breakthrough.  We served over 150 students this summer at Germantown Friends School, growing our scholar enrollment by +56% versus last fiscal year, with teaching fellow enrollment increasing as well. 97% of 8th graders at BTGP (2021) have enrolled at special admit, independent, charter or parochial high schools and 3 out of 4 teaching fellows from the Summer 2022 cohort stated that they were extremely/likely to become a teacher after their experience at BTGP. As the numbers of scholars and teaching fellows have increased, we are grateful that our support has followed, with approximately $850,000 in revenue raised – an increase of +52% from last fiscal year.


We have made strides towards the priorities stated in last year’s impact report: improving evaluation, metrics and systemization, building awareness of the Breakthrough program and forging relationships among Philadelphia’s educators and school leaders. We have also realized the benefits of our partnership with GFS, whose reputation for academic excellence and passion for intellectual exploration have greatly enhanced our curriculum and program delivery. The year ahead will build on this solid foundation that our Breakthrough community has created, together, with an eye towards enhancing curricular, high school preparation and field trip programming, as well as engaging broader populations of students and supporters more meaningfully to help realize our mission for many years to come.


We continue to be thankful for and humbled by our Breakthrough friends and the backing of you, our supporters. Keep sharing your ideas and enthusiasm, and thank you for your dedication to Breakthrough.  Please reach out at any time; we would love to hear from you!


Warmest wishes,


Michelle Palmer

Executive Director, Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia

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