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Business Meeting


Corporate support helps fuel Breakthrough’s program with fresh ideas, expertise, volunteers and resources to deliver and further enhance Scholar and Fellow experiences.


An exciting growth area for Breakthrough, we seek corporate support in the form of Annual Partnerships, Event Sponsorships, Business EITC Contributions, volunteer opportunities in our program, and pro bono work within our organization.

Partnerships with businesses also provide outstanding opportunities for our students to learn about a variety of industries and explore diverse career fields as they map their trajectories to higher education and beyond.



Annual Corporate Partners

We welcome companies to partner with us at various levels (Executive, Partner and Principal level sponsorship), which will provide year-round company/brand visibility and participation in various aspects of our program, including:

  • Sponsor a Scholar or Teaching Fellow to attend our tuition-free program ($4,000 annual cost per student)

  • Guest speak in Breakthrough’s Career Conversations series

  • Host on-site Career Day or Office Visit

  • Sponsor/Volunteer at Program Events - e.g., Celebration Day

  • Sponsor/Volunteer at Fundraising Events - Spring Soirée and Breakfast of Champions

  • Sponsor/Attend Visiting Days to see our program in action

Corporate Sponsorship of Fundraising Events

Companies can also donate via sponsorship of our fundraising events, which raise approximately 20% of our annual revenue and are a fun, unique way to learn more about the program and spend time with Breakthrough Scholars, Teaching Fellows, Staff and Board!

Business Contribution via Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program

To learn more about the process, resources and deadlines, visit the EITC section of our website or email us at

Volunteer Opportunities and Pro Bono Services

Our program is only as strong as the contributions made by our Breakthrough community. We welcome volunteers in various capacities and consider your time and talent as valuable gifts to help us reach our mission to achieve equity and diversity in education.


Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia is an approved Educational Improvement Organization (EIO), and eligible to receive EITC contributions. To contribute to Breakthrough through this program, a business must complete a simple application with PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and elect to contribute to an EIO (Educational Improvement Organization).

For more information about supporting Breakthrough’s mission through this vehicle, contact Michelle Reyes Aleti, Communications & Development Manager.


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