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Recruitment Manager


Sue currently serves as the organization’s Recruitment Manager. Her experiences in college admissions recruitment and enrollment management operations aid in curating a robust and diverse applicant pool. While working in admissions and enrollment management, not only did Sue have the opportunity to work with applicants and their families, but also oversaw data management of the entire undergraduate admission application pool and all application-related processes.


Working towards educational equity has always been a goal for Sue, as she enjoys opportunities to work with first-generation students just like herself. She has also been afforded the opportunity to oversee several scholarships for underserved student populations. Sue earned her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and East Asian Studies from Bucknell University.

Why Breakthrough

I think Breakthrough is unique since we work with students in their early years of middle school. We are able to reach these students at a critical juncture in their education and help them reach their fullest potential.

Fun Fact 

I love trying new foods and will try anything at least one time! I’ve had fried scorpions in Beijing, frog legs in Louisiana and even live squid in South Korea.

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