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Michelle Todd-Coleman

Assistant Principal, Edwin Forrest Elementary School

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I chose to become a part of Breakthrough because of the opportunities it provides to our marginalized students from disenfranchised communities around Philadelphia. This program is relevant to me because programs such as Breakthrough helped me pursue my college career and I became the first person in my immediate family to go to college and graduate. 

I have worked with the School District of Philadelphia for 20 years and, as a Middle School Teacher, I have been advocating for students to be a part of the Breakthrough program for over 5+ years. Even as I have become an Assistant Principal for the past two years, I have continued to advocate for my students to become a part of the Breakthrough Program. Coming from a marginalized community myself, it is important for me to make certain that all students have the opportunities to get the support they need to be successful in whatever endeavors, dreams and educational goals they would want to pursue.  

Why Breakthrough

Breakthrough targets students before they reach high school, because middle school is such a crucial age in our city to get caught up in the wrong type of activities. Many of our youth just need that opportunity to see more of the world and explore their individual talents, and Breakthrough does this very thing. 

Breakthrough is a program that helps break barriers and prepares our students for their future selves, by changing outcomes and instilling a growth mindset on the young and for them to believe in the many possibilities ahead of them.

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