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Eugenie (Nanie) Walsh Flaherty, Ph.D.

Retired, Psychologist

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Nanie is a retired psychologist. She first worked in the management consulting field on federal, state and local public health projects; Nanie, together with Jon Morell, were founding editors of the professional journal Evaluation and Program Planning. For the past three decades Nanie has worked with children (and their families) from Kindergarten through college age, doing comprehensive assessments in order to understand and address the developmental, cognitive and emotional issues impeding progress. She was Director of Assessment at the Bryn Mawr College Child Study Institute, and is a past President of the Pennsylvania Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (PBIDA).

Why Breakthrough
Children are our most important resource, and each child deserves to be cared for, to be noticed and to be well educated. I support Breakthrough because Breakthrough shows these children that they matter, that they are important, and that their voice should be heard. When they attend Breakthrough programs, they meet with adults who are truly interested in them, who want to hear what they have to say, and who challenge them to ask the next question and to take on the next project. When they attend the Breakthrough programs, these young students are energetic, enthusiastic, interested and funny—it is a joy to support Breakthrough!


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