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Are You Ready for the Most Meaningful Internship of Your Life?

Along with Google and the White House, Breakthrough’s Summer Teaching Fellowship has been featured in the Princeton Review’s List of Top 10 Internships for teens and college students.

Breakthrough’s teaching fellowship offers an incredible opportunity for talented college students to inspire and be inspired by 7th, 8th and 9th grade students with high expectations and big dreams.

As a Teaching Fellow, you will lead your own classroom of 15 students, implementing lesson plans, grading papers, and evaluating student performance.  You will serve as a role model and mentor to students, showing that success in education is possible.  The teaching experience will not only look great on your resume, it will challenge and motivate you in ways you can never imagine!

What Will I Learn?

Guided by experienced, professional educators – Instructional Coaches – this program gives every Teaching Fellow an opportunity to:

  • Participate in an intensive pre-summer teacher-training program
  • Implement an academically rigorous curriculum
  • Develop strong student engagement practices
  • Lead a small middle school class
  • Build meaningful relationships with students as a role model
  • Design an elective course
  • Practice a variety of evaluative and assessment techniques
  • Connect with other inspiring individuals who share your passion for growth, education, and service

Featured Teaching Fellow, Sasha

Sasha is a past and current teaching fellow in her Junior year of high school with plans to study either philosophy or political studies in college. While enrolled in an intensive IB (International Baccalaureate) high school program, Sasha still makes sure to devote time to teaching our students. For her, though, the subjects she teaches--civic studies and social justice--is as much of a learning experience as it is teaching. With her goals to eventually go to law school, Breakthrough’s curriculum goes hand in hand with her aspirations. “I see a lot of parallels between what I’m learning in school and what I am teaching at Breakthrough. It’s a great mix of learning it myself and then adapting it into the curriculum to help the Breakthrough students learn, as well.”


This is a common theme amongst many of our teaching fellows and are the building blocks of how Breakthrough yearns to serve future educators. Sasha is a remarkable young student who has been able to see how rewarding being an educator can be. These stories are the stories that power Breakthrough’s mission and we couldn't be more honored and grateful to have amazing volunteers, like Sasha.

Interested in Applying? Visit the link below for the Breakthrough Collaborative application and select Philadelphia as your first choice!

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