Project-based learning has made Tyler Cantwell, a freshman at West Chester University, a familiar face in the Breakthrough office. Tyler is majoring in communications and is currently enrolled in a public speaking class.

“In my public speaking class we were assigned a project to do research on an organization that’s linked to schools and spreads an important message so, I chose Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia. I did extensive research on your amazing non-profit and already presented a speech in front of the class explaining the importance of education for young people, especially in the city. I’m from Wyncote, right outside of Cheltenham. As part of the assignment, we are required to get six hours of service from the organization. When I learned about Breakthrough, the mission resonated with me. I love helping others and knew I’d be passionate about the work and wanted to promote it. I want to help youth in the city because it is important to get a good education because education will help you to be successful. My advice to young people, don’t look at school as something to get through. It is an opportunity to build skills that will help later in life – dive into education and invest in yourself!”

After completing his service hours at the end of the semester, Tyler will be presenting a final speech on Breakthrough to the class. The amazing work we do is not a secret and Tyler is definitely spreading the word!


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