Noah Michaud, a student at Tufts University, taught 7th grade Literature at Drexel University this summer. 

Over the course of the summer, we learned not only about his passion for educational equity but also about how he would like to create educational policy that positively impacts urban education. He believes that his experience at Breakthrough helped him inform legislation that he intends to create in the future. Below is an interview with Noah from before Summer Program began.

Where do/did you go to school, and when do you plan to graduate?

I went to Moorestown High School in New Jersey and graduated in 2017. I am now studying at Tufts University near Boston, Ma. I am planning on graduating in 2021.

What are some hobbies and/or interests of yours?

I play soccer and basketball pretty often, and I love to read and listen to music in my free time. I also enjoy watching Netflix and Philly sports teams.

What sparked your interest in education?

I always loved working with kids, and I think education is a very important part of our society. I want to help support the future generations that will hopefully be able to improve society.

Which subject(s) and grade(s) are you teaching, and why do you think this is a good fit?

I am teaching seventh grade literature and I think that is a good fit because I really do love to read and I think literature and reading is a great way to learn about different perspectives. Learning about different points of view is one of the most important parts of the human experience because it allows you to connect with others.

What are some things you hope to get out of your experience with Breakthrough this summer?

I want to get a better understanding of what it is like to teach. I would also like to learn more about the Philadelphia public school system and how it is serving the families of Philly.

What are some qualities about yourself you’re excited to bring to Breakthrough this summer?

I’m a pretty high-energy person and I am always ready to do stuff so I’m looking forward to bringing that to the program. I also really enjoy facilitating conversation and that is something I would really like to use in the program.



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