“I am not typically a morning person, I purposely do not schedule anything before 10 am because I don’t get up until 9 am. But for Breakthrough I am up, ready, and here at 8:30 am. It’s something that I look forward to.”

Jordan Hardy

Meet Jordan Hardy, a volunteer teaching fellow. Jordan graduates this year with a bachelor’s degree in history from Arcadia University and plans to pursue her dream of becoming a professional educator by earning a master’s degree in education.
Jordan’s choices to major in history and to study abroad prevented her from participating in a traditional teaching field experience. Fortunately, she found Breakthrough thanks to our local university recruitment and outreach efforts.
“Since about 8th grade I wanted to teach history. When I was looking into colleges, I knew I wanted to major in history instead of education for the subject matter. I decided not to minor or major, but to go to grad school instead. Education classes just did not fit into my schedule, mainly because my primary purpose for going to Arcadia was to study abroad. I could not do both. Because I was not taking education courses, I wasn’t able to get any experience in the field. Luckily, my roommate had heard about these some teaching volunteer opportunities, and she gave me the information for Breakthrough. The experience I have gotten through Breakthrough has reaffirmed that teaching is what I want to do and has given me the professional tools to do so.”
This year, she teaches college readiness to the high school students and loves being a part of their growth.

Breakthrough Collaborative

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