Meet Jaelyn Brown, a rising 9th grader who will be attending West Nottingham Academy, a private boarding school in Maryland in the fall, with plans to study nursing in the future.

“Before Breakthrough I attended a school with low standards. A place where most students were promoted to the next grade even if they didn’t understand the material. I transferred to Laboratory Charter school in the 6th grade. Switching schools was a big transition in itself, but there were other factors that made 6th grade hard for me. My cousin passed away and I went from being an ‘A’ student to almost being held back a grade. Fortunately this was also the year I applied to become a Breakthrough student.

My older brother is a Breakthrough student and my mom believed that the program would really help me with the transition of changing schools and improve my academics. After completing my first summer at Breakthrough I came back to school in the fall of my 7th grade year ahead of my peers. I knew a lot of the material, and learned even more during the school year program in fall and spring.

Breakthrough has helped me become more outgoing and confident. I have also made friends from different backgrounds and experiences with all different kinds of amazing and interesting stories.

I am excited to attend West Nottingham Academy, a private boarding school in Maryland, this fall as a freshman. I look forward to meeting my roommates and starting this new journey knowing that Breakthrough is a resource to support me now and in the future!”

We are excited for Jaelyn in her new adventure and are proud to have her as a part of the Breakthrough community! Congratulations to Jaelyn and her family!


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