The end of summer program often comes with a mixed bag of emotions. As rigorous as Breakthrough can be, students and Teaching Fellows both may feel a sense of relief knowing they can take a step back and relax for the remainder of their summer. And although these feelings are understood, the end of summer Celebration is always a reminder of not only the hard work put in by both students and Teaching Fellows, but also the relationships formed from the six-week program. Celebration is a reminder of just how strong of a community Breakthrough is and the progress made both academically and personally was seen in every person who stepped into Drexel’s Bossone Hall Auditorium. The smiles were bright, and yet as a glumness set in remembering this was the end of the summer program and some Teaching Fellows would be moving onto the next chapters of their lives, the night capped off with a sense of family and community that can only be fostered by a program like Breakthrough. Below are photos from the night showcasing a variety of student performances, from Indian Dance to Poetry to Improv. We are incredibly proud of our students and Teaching Fellows and can’t wait to continue growing together as a community. We are Breakthrough!


Breakthrough Collaborative

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