Advisory Board

Jason Duckworth, Chair
President, Arcadia Land Company

Francine Boone
Associate General Counsel, Amtrak Railroad Operations

Cornelius Brown
Principal, Bohler Engineering

Abe Diallo
Senior Vice President, Truist

James Degnan, Ph.D
Senior Director for Measurement and Institutional Research, Temple University (retired)

Kevin Emancipator
Associate, McKinsey & Company

Susan Fazio
Coordinator, President’s Office, Ursinus College

Eugenie Walsh Flaherty, Ph.D
Retired, Psychologist

Robin Friedman
Co-Leader of Community Connections Program at Breakthrough, GFS English Department

Jamal Hill, Esq.
Counsel and Director, Commercial Legal, Office of General Counsel at Merck

Bonny Lynch
IT Administrative Analyst

Sarita Malakar
Deputy General Counsel, Corporate and Assistant Secretary, Vectrus

Darren Spielman
Executive Director, Pennsylvania Resource Council

Keino Terrell
Head of Middle School, Germantown Friends School

Michelle Todd-Coleman
Assistant Principal, Edwin Forrest Elementary School

Laurena Zeller
Principal, Add B Anderson School

David Wade
Senior Advisor to Attorney General, Josh Shapiro

V. Amanda Witts, Esq.
Deputy General Counsel, PA Convention Center Authority

Wes Yamamoto
Portfolio Manager, Veritable LP

David Zavitz
General Manager, Outside Plant Construction, CDTI



Development Committee

Cornelius Brown  |  Abe Diallo  |  Jason Duckworth  |  Susan Fazio  |  Eugenie Flaherty  |  Bonny Lynch  |  Kanchan Rai  |  Darren Spielman  |  David Wade  |  Bill Weeks  |  V. Amanda Witts  |  Wesley Yamamoto  |  David Zavitz


Program Committee

Francine Boone  |  James Degnan  |  Kevin Emancipator  |  Robin Friedman  |  Matt Greenawalt  |  Jamal Hill  |  Marnie Kerr  |  Priscilla Kinney  |  Keino Terrell  |  Laurena Tolson  |  David Zavitz


Breakthrough Collaborative

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