Breakthrough paves the way not just for future teachers, but future educational leaders. This story of our impact is a powerful statement from a Breakthrough volunteer teaching fellow alumni, Hannah Wallace. Hannah brings the skills she learned at Breakthrough to her educational leadership role outside of the traditional classroom.

“My name is Hannah Wallace and I serve as the Manager of Educational Programming for The African American Museum in Philadelphia. I had the privilege of working alongside a passionate group of young professionals as a Breakthrough Volunteer Teacher when I was earning my bachelor’s degree in African American Studies at Temple University.


This experience helped jump-start my career as an educator in the museum field.


At Breakthrough I met a wonderful group of young people who—while tired from their early morning commutes—took the time to listen and learn from their classmates and me. I had previously never taught in a classroom setting and was more nervous than anything each morning when we would meet. From our exchanges, I learned not only about the subjects at hand but more so about the nuances of middle school that is lost so quickly after graduation.      


As the Manager of Educational Programming for The African American Museum in Philadelphia, I work with a new group of students each week. They share looks of both curiosity and indifference as they are guided throughout the museum. It is in the current culture in schools but lends a great opportunity for teachers to step in and make an impact.


Having first experienced ‘the look’ through Breakthrough, I’ve had the time to improve my teaching methods to ensure everyone leaves our museum with a stronger appreciation for African American history, art, and culture. Breakthrough was a first for me, and I highly recommend that all young professionals take the time to volunteer—you will surely grow from the experience!”

We are proud of Hannah and the work she is doing at the African American Museum. Hannah is a great example of how Breakthrough can prepare the next generation of educational leaders across myriad fields and disciplines.


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