What was your favorite part of Breakthrough?
What do you wish you did better this summer?
What are your goals for this upcoming school year?
If you were to change your name,
what would you change it to and why?

Elective presentations

During the last two days of program, students presented their final projects during ASM. Students demonstrated their skills through photos, telling stories, acting, and videos. On Thursday, Teacher Chloe’s class showed us the artwork they created for organizations they wish to promote. Teacher Leah’s class showed us some awesome new yoga poses. Finally, Teacher Julia’s class shared the stories they have been working on all summer.
On Friday, Teacher Jakyra’s class presented a powerful reading of what types of change should occur in the world. Students spoke about gun violence, bullying, and the need for a strong leaders. In addition, Teacher Gena’s class taught us what they learned about saving money. Finally, in Teacher Aquil ‘s class, Taron S. sang us an original song. All the students did an outstanding job in their electives! Keep up the great work this school year!


Five awards were given out per SLC. The students who have won the awards for each category are as follows:
Be Intentional & Strive To Understand: Jemima O., Lena V., Anthony T. III, Manny R., Kevin V., Nanziba T., Janya S., Maggie G.
Exercise Agility (Flexible): Laila A., Maurice C., Naim P., Julian S., Jarius R., Shawn L.
Investing In Others (Kind): Muaadh N., Elias C., Amenah H., Liani R., Kayla N.
Live the Growth Mindset: Rebecca N., Faith L., Jamiyah P., Jade J., Jameah M., Nikki G.
Own Your Experience (Exemplary Student): Alfred G., Robert- A., Jaden G., Taron S., Eric S., Grace U., Judson L., Deyon F.

Teaching Fellow spotlight: Davon Collins

Over the past six weeks, Teacher Davon has been working closely with his students to build their literature skills. Davon’s classes did “extremely well,” as Davon was “throwing a lot of sophisticated concepts [at his] students.” In addition, his students “pushed [their] class discussion to beautiful, unimaginable destinations.” To ensure further success, students should continue to read outside of school. Davon shares, “practice makes perfect” so you want to read as much as possible.


In the final weeks of program, the race for the SLC pizza party got closer and closer. Students tried their best to earn points from trivia games, spirit days, etc. In the end, it was a close competition. On the final day, the teaching fellows played their own round of trivia for their SLCs and earned some final points. In the end, SLC 3 came in first place with 1250 points, earning themselves a Dominos gift card. SLC 6 came in a close second with 1240 points. Great job to everyone for trying your best! Your hard work did not go unnoticed.


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