The results are in! Students gave the Teaching Fellows their brutally honest thoughts on their acting skills, video production, and overall comments. The reviews were mostly positive with students Mariah S., Emanuel R., Julian S., stating that they look forward to the episodes because they are a nice break in the day and they wish that there was an episode everyday! The most notable positive review, came from Grace U, “it’s really funny! I love how the teachers act really weird and silly in the skit. I rate it 10 million/10.” Of course, there were some negative reviews from students such as Jade J.and Becca N., saying that the show was bland and that there should be an addition of a love story to make it more exciting. The Teaching Fellows are taking all of your suggestions to heart and hope to please more students the next episode.


This week, Kevin R. White came and shared his wealth of knowledge with us, motivating students to seek out help from others through the metaphor of building a house. Mr. White pushed the idea that no one can do everything alone, just like construction workers. Instead, we must rely on others to help us learn, grow, and mature. After feeling highly motivated and ready to apply advice of Mr. White, we traveled to New York, New York to conclude our final showing of the broadway show Hamilton. Over the past three weeks, students viewed the wildly famous play, learning about Alexander Hamilton. We got up close and personal with the cast in ways that we never would have been able to if we were to be there in person. Following the conclusion, students were sad to see the passing of Hamilton, but enjoyed the music and the creative way that It ended. We can’t wait to see the new places and faces of next week!


Over the past four weeks Teacher Emily has been enthusiastic about how her students have progressed. To further your child’s learning, Emily suggests encouraging your child to “broaden their horizons and explore new ideas to increase those critical thinking skills.” Have children read books, podcasts, or audio books outside of school hours. Emily ends by saying that the best way to improve writing skills, is to do just that—write! Writing is a process that’s never perfected. However, the more students do it, the stronger your child will be for the future.


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