The message was heard far and wide:


“Breakthrough will no longer be a best kept secret,
we’ve been doing this great work for a long time!”

– Dr. Robbin Smart, Executive Director

The 90’s hit single “Something to Talk About” was the theme of Bill Weeks’ opening remarks, and did Breakthrough deliver! Everyone was talking about the phenomenal speakers that took the podium at this years’ Annual Breakfast of Champions. Special thanks to Nanie Flaherty and Amy Branch, 2018 Breakfast of Champions co-chairs and the entire planning committee for a successful annual breakfast. We can’t thank our speakers, Bill Weeks, Rachel Alston, Jamal Hill and Sharon Parker enough for making our breakfast unforgettable!


“Breakthrough helped me grow socially by gaining new friendships and exposing me to new interests. For example when studying French as an elective this summer I was not only exposed to a new lanCguage, but an entirely new culture. In my journalism elective I learned how to conduct an interview and write my first article. I learned things that I was not exposed to at my school and used the knowledge I acquired to help me excel in and out of the classroom.”
– Rachel Alston, 8th Grade Breakthrough Student




“The Breakfast of Champions was enlightening and everything went wonderfully.
Breakthrough grooms children for greatness.
I’m 100% in support and I look forward to becoming a donor one day!”

– Leah LaPrince, Proud Breakthrough Mother

Breakthrough Collaborative

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