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Breakthrough Teaching Fellows See Things Differently. They Choose To.

This year, 32 Breakthrough Teaching Fellows will lead their own classroom of 15 students, implement lesson plans, grade papers, and serve as role models and mentors. Their commitment to the kids goes beyond the classroom – it is about helping them to be their best selves.


Breakthrough’s summer teaching fellowship is an incredible opportunity for talented college students to inspire and be inspired by 7th, 8th and 9th graders with high expectations and big dreams.


Kiah is a junior at the University of North Carolina and she has always wanted to be a teacher like her Aunt Josie. She was accepted into the Breakthrough of Philadelphia Teaching Fellows summer program. Like many rising, aspiring young educators she cannot afford it.

Why? The cost of living is high. The teaching stipend is low. She can make more money waiting tables in Cary.  The dilemma many young educators face is having to decide between the real-world experience to practice skills that prepare them to be a teacher or working another job. The choice is an economical one, not an educational one.

These amazing future educators, like Kiah, work an extremely long day – every day. They teach a science course, help a student with a math problem, lend a caring ear, and organize an interpretive dance group. Their evening schedule includes workshops, professional development sessions, lesson planning and fitting in a bit of sleep.


“Being a Teaching Fellow requires us, college students, to work as often as possible, to be sure we are offering the best education for our students that we can. As a Teaching Fellow, small costs that you don’t normally think of coming up almost every day – quick lunches on the go that you need to pick up when you forgot yours at home or gas for getting to and from work add up. By the end of the summer, all these expenses can really drain what you are able to get monetarily out of the experience. While some people are able to make that sacrifice, I wasn’t as comfortable in my ability to handle those costs while working the entire day in class which makes the decision that much harder.”-  A 2018 Teaching Fellow 


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 Breakthrough of Philadelphia Teaching Fellows Fund Summer 2019

Goal:  $80,000
Teaching Fellows:  32

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